MCMLXI: What happened to Han?

In March my sister was born. I didn’t care much about it, I had other things on my mind. My mum had the strategy ” you eat what I put in your mouth”. The stuff she gave me was really disgusting food you know?  There is no taste on it at all. All saltless and it all looked alike. I liked to play with it, but didn’t eat it. My mum would keep my nose shut and when I opened my mouth she would get a spoon full of that stuff in it. So, I spit it out, and she put it back in. Very messy stuff, all that.
In June we moved to Wieringerwerf. Under my post is a Google Search Link so you can find where in Holland you can find this tiny village. The house they promised my father that would be ready wasn’t of course. The house wasn’t finished building, but as they were there with all their belongings and two little kids, a couple offered us a room to live in until our house was all done. Moving back to Delft was no option. Our old room was already rented to someone else and my Dad had this new job with the post. In a big truck he would get all the post from the depot for the northern region of Holland and distribute it. The pay was better and the post was owned by the state, so extra security and with the job came the offer of the rental house.
Two candles, impossible to blow out in one breath

Just before Christmas they moved in at last. Their first home of their own was a fact. I celebrated my second birthday in September. With a little crying baby that kept me awake at night. 
Those were the days.

12 thoughts on “MCMLXI: What happened to Han?

  1. Add a few years Leigh, and this is what you get. Well, if it's true his wife screamed “Superman” at him 53 years later he must have done something right?

    Love your comment,


  2. Thank you it's nice of you to say so. No those were rough times, but it was a different world then as I tried to show in my other posts this week.

    Back to our time,


  3. Thank you for your comment. Though it is proven the first years in a childs life are crucial in their later development, very few of us have memories of that age. We rely on the stories our parents tell us, I think.



  4. My own memories doesn't go back that far, girl with the naughty name. These are stories my mum used to tell us over and over again.She was routher proud of herself making me eat anything when I was very young. And now if I'm at a restaurant and the serve me something I haven't eaten before I'm rather proud of her as well.

    Thank you for your kind words,


  5. What a nice little boy. You surely have a very good memory, Han. My earliest remembrance is when I was 4 years old.
    Nice post again.



  6. Aww… you were such a cute little Han. It's interesting how you remember your sister's crying after all these years and the not-so-tasty food.

    Thanks for sharing. =)


  7. Thank you for sharing this sweet snippet of your life. You were an adorable little boy! 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


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