This picture speaks to me on several levels. The expression of real submission. The hands clasped in the neck. I love the posture. Really do. The fact that she is naked and he is dressed. She is balancing on her feet, unsteady like the way she must feel.

And we? We wait and see what happens. With our hands in our pocket.


8 thoughts on “Submission

  1. Different strokes for different folks, Ami. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Interesting I see no boredom at all, just the aim to please.

    Interesting comment, thank you for taking the time,


  2. I don't see what you see, Mona Lisa. There is no torture here, just an uncomfortable pose at most. The aim is to please the man, not to please herself. She could stand and walk away, can't she?

    And I see in her face the will to please her master, even if that is difficult. And if you believe it or not, there are women who find this very arousing. I know, because I'm married to one of them.


  3. It's interesting to read how different people view such a photo.

    Myself? I think she has a bored and sulky look on her face; if she is going to be submissive, she might at least enjoy it.

    I like to look Dan in the face and smile before I bend to be submissive; and I have to tie my hair back because it gets in the way. I love to see the cloudy look that comes into his eyes before he clasps the back of my head. Submission should be savoured like a vintage wine.

    Many hugs


  4. I see a women who is uncomfortable .
    She will soon start cry…
    Why must be these poses be so difficulte and uneasy?
    Is a main goal make someone suffer or please and enjoy

    Forget it …it is just me rambling.



  5. Yes the balance is tricky and a high failure chance. Unless you've praciced it by yourself countless times… The way this pose makes her feel is written all over her face. That is why I like it so much, I think.

    Thank you for your comment,


  6. LOL on the desperate solution. Until that that time maybe you can find private time to practice and surprise Ty someday…

    Glad you liked it. i thought you might.



  7. Absolutely lovely picture Han. Not sure I could balance like that…would probably end up on my bum on the floor. I really do like the emotions it engenders. Thanks!

    Hugs and Blessings…


  8. Beautiful. Submission and Dominance. Loving to please each other. Wouldn't work in my house. My kids would never understand if I was to meet their dad this way. But on the other hand, doing this might give some of them a good reason to move out. Nothing else is working


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