Weighing day

It is Wednesday Weight Watchers Weighing Day again. Lost 1,6 kilo’s this week, adding up to 7,6 kilo since I started 8 weeks ago. My goal is one kilo a week. I wish I hadn’t said that.

Weighing Day

10 thoughts on “Weighing day

  1. Tjap Tjoy tonight Appy. Oh, dear. Advice too late. What are you celebrating? I will read it on your blog: desiredsubmission.blogspot.com

    Te laat, te laat zei Winnetou
    het zaad is al naar binnen toe.

    (Little joke among Dutch guys)
    Keep up the good work, look at the bright side: if you didn't loose weight you would have weighted more by now…



  2. Our weight is slowly going down, but today we will visit my sister and have dinner with her in her favorite Chinese restaurant, so I fear tomorrow we will have to start again. 🙂


  3. Don't you just love the picture? I couldn't resist posting it. How it the daily weighing process going Appy? Take one day at a time, and be sensible. No use to starve yourself. Be careful.

    Take care of yourself and your lovely wife,


  4. Congrats , Han !
    I am very happy for you, you are doing realy well and you are a great inspiration . Thank you.

    Take care ,


  5. It is kind of you to use the word “brave” instead of “stupid”. You are right of course, a monthly goal is much more realistic. Ah well, a kg a week is in my head somewhere.
    Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.



  6. Congratulations on you target being met. Brave of you to have a weekly target, I'd go for monthly, more sustainable and indicative of long term changes. Good luck for next week.


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