Blindfold Adventure 1

Left in the dark. No way of knowing where he takes her. She’s in a car. Destination unknown. Tomorrow is his birthday. But he has a present for her one day before that. Tomorrow she’ll get her bankcard back. 14 days of relinquish is coming to an end. But where does he take her now? Why the blindfold? Why the mystery? What if they end up in a traffic jam? What if somebodies sees and call the police? What if? What if? 

For crying out loud: What is he going to do?


8 thoughts on “Blindfold Adventure 1

  1. Wow, it is HOT !
    Lucky Han and his wife.
    They will have some big FUN.

    Enjoy every second of that.
    When you are back …we want to know ALL details .. LOL.

    I am happy for you.
    Take care,
    Mona Lisa


  2. It's now 8 in the morning here in Holland. I've got a little preperation to do yet, and we will leave at 10. (Poor girl needs her beauty sleep). I hope she is going to have as much fun as I had preparing it.

    Thank you for your kind wishes. You've remembered 55 🙂

    Take care,


  3. I'm with Sunny…we definitely want to know what is going on but I'm sure it was so much fun. Happy Birthday Han!!!!

    Hugs and Blessings…


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