Wednesday. Weighing day. You know, Weight Watchers Wednesday Weighing day.
This week the scale went down with 1,2 and 3,3 kilo’s have vanished into thin air. Strange that 1,2 kilo’s is important when you are trying to lose weight. Not: Just over one kilo, no, no, no. 1,2 kilo Mr. van Meegeren. I earned a star. Really, I did.

Loose weight, feel great


8 thoughts on “Disappeared

  1. Like the women who watch me say: Better 0,4 kg off than 0,4 gained Mona Lisa. Thank you for your kind words. We will get trough this this American way: we will sit in a circle and help each other. Virtually that is.


  2. I'm very much impressed girl with the naughty name. Not by loosing that much weight (well that a little as well) but by keeping if off.

    Chapeau! It shows wonderful willpower, girl.


  3. Congrats, Han, next week you are Close 5 kg !! 25% of what i s your plan ! Well done.
    For me it's a bit difficult right now. It's the wrong time of the month to know what I weigh, collects liquid on me.
    It was only 0.4 kg in the first week, we'll see tomorrow .. I hope that together, it becomes more than 1 kg and it is ok for me.

    Good luck,
    Mona Lisa


  4. Looking great, Han! I went through a similar weight loss years ago. I ended up losing 60 lbs and have kept it off. It is an ongoing challenge. It's all good.

    Keep up the great work and results!


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