All that hunger, for this?

Yeah! I lost 0,6 kilo’s this week. I was hungry all week but it did pay off: I lost no less than 0,6 kilo’s. On the bright side I’m back at the good side of the 100 kilo frontier again. Well done, Han. Keep going pal, you can do it. It just a question of perseverance!
Are you a man or a mouse?
I eat like a mouse!
No, you don’t eat like a pig anymore, there is a difference.
I can’t see a glass of water anymore..
Oh come on, is the poor soul hungry?
Now you know what we are feeling when we are on a diet.
How long are you busy Han, two whole weeks? I don’t know where you find that inner strength.

It is the moral support of the women that gets me through this.
Next weight day, Wednesday next week.


7 thoughts on “All that hunger, for this?

  1. I have confidence in you, Mona Lisa. We seem like Americans having a little support group of our own!

    0,6 kilo is nothing by the way if you think I kept myself strictly to our diet. Ah, well better next week.


  2. I am trying too, but it is difficult. My Wife and I eat the same. We go onto the scale every morning and somtimes She lost weight while I gained. On other days it is the other way round.
    But very slowly we are losing weight.
    I wish you success, Han.



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