Sunday poem, second stanza, third line

A contemplative poem on Sunday. Just like it should be.

Once upon a time flew this rambling Dutchman,
from his loose stool holding his eruptive abdomen.
That’s Gross, my reader said with a frown,
at least now I know why your blog is brown. …

Charlie Brown loves his unattainable red haired girl
got finally his act together and gave her a whirl
The red haired girl was startled and slapped his face

Next line, Next week.


6 thoughts on “Sunday poem, second stanza, third line

  1. Ran into a very ugly guy at the mall last week with a sign “Free hugs”. Ah well, I gave him a hug. Why not. The world could use a little more hugging and a little less face slapping


  2. Ooh slapped his face did she? Can't wait to see what he does. Thanks Han! 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


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