Help! A man at Weight Watchers

Tonight I joined the club of the

It was quite a shock to the 12 ladies present at this weekly weigh meeting. Grinning. You can log in on the Web and you get access to the complete Weight Watchers site. (doesn’t work.will call them tomorrow!)

Anyway I found out that I told my girl and my daughter quite often how to deal with their weight problems. Only to find I was not giving the right example myself. So I took step 1 today and enlisted in the blah, blah class. Those ladies will have to get used to me every week.

My starting weight is 101.5 kilo’s and in 6 month’s it will be 75. The point I want to make is: eat healthty things, and you will slowly but surely loose weight. I will keep you posted on my battle against fat the next month.


6 thoughts on “Help! A man at Weight Watchers

  1. It will work for me Cat, thank you for the encouragement. It will work. You will see each week as a post my new weight. (You are very much allowed to smirk if I have gained weight a week), but this is not just for me, it is a test for all of us.


  2. Thanks for the support Leigh, I am familiar with the concept. My wife has been batteling her weight for years and years now. I know every diet in the world, or so it seems sometimes to me.

    But it is not fair to send her into battle all by herself. The solution long term can only be found in eating healthy things and it is time not only to say it, but show by example.


  3. Lots of luck. The WW program does work, the problem is I never stick with it once I'm down to the target and then can't seem to get back on the path.


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