The toughest challenge in Quattuordecim

Life is not a book. The quattuordecim challenge she choose today (number 7) would be in a book after her safecard had been taken. But it’s only a random game. And today my beloved choose the biggest challenge in the game. It’s making a tattoo of your safeword on your body, where is your choice, how big is your choice the font is your choice. But it has to be done within 14 days.

The task is extra difficult for her because she’s afraid of needles. Even donating blood is something she is terrified of. So a double challenge, without a safecard to hold on to. And 14 days to decide.

She didn’t expect this challenge and it frightened her a bit. I think she is more than a little mad at me right now.


7 thoughts on “The toughest challenge in Quattuordecim

  1. The Henna tattoo… open to negotiation. But I want to point out how wonderful it would be to have her safeword somewhere unerasable on her body. It would confirm her commitment to our lifestyle, it would show as well that our relationship is guarded with her tattoo word. She only has to speak it out loud, and the balance of power is again restored.

    How wonderful is that? A short period of pain, but she has given birth, she knows pain intimately. Besides, thousands of people, millions have a tat. That is not special anymore.

    Anyway, we'll work it out, we always do somehow. Thank you Cat and Leigh for thinking in solutions…


  2. I agree with Sunny…a henna tattoo would work to satisfy the letter of the challenge…even if you required a blood donation in addition, that is one stick of the needle…not hundreds!

    Hugs and Blessings…


  3. Mona Lisa, I understand my beloved was a upset with me. I may have stretched the limits of our agreement. But we have talked about this before we began and agreed before this on limits and limitations.

    She can choose what, where and when about the tattoo without my consultation. She can choose how big it will be, very small, or bigger without my consultation. And she can choose to say, this is nuts, I'm not going to do it.

    Sorry to hear you're mad at me too.



  4. You think she is mad on you?
    She SHOULD be MAD on you!!!!
    I am also afraid of needles so I know how she feels. Poor Han's wife. I hope you will do what is right for you.

    Han and I am mad on you too..



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