If you are a sadist, become a dentist

Today I found out, well I got confirmed actually, that the real sadists in this world have only one ambition: to become a dentist. Well maybe they are all masochists as well, because how much fun can it be to look all day in people’s mouths and smell bad breath all day? Only the guys that do rectal exams have a more lousy job, I think.

But when I am on the chair he takes revenge. Bruce Willis is a laddie compared to my dentist. My dentist loves root canals, he wants to discover each and everyone in my mouth. My dentist loves to take his time until my mouth get convulsions and one hour appointments are really a contribution to his next BMW. I think I paid the wheels.

I hate him. I love him also a bit. When were done.


4 thoughts on “If you are a sadist, become a dentist

  1. Ok, now I know where I can find them. I mean sadists … lol.

    I've learned my dentist that Mona Lisa does not open her mouth unless injection for pain is not ready for use. And for that to not do evil – to get this injection – so mucosa stunned with ointment.
    Then open the Mona Lisa her mouth.


  2. Ooh Han… totally agree with you! Dentists are definitely sadists. Of course, in my opinion, most of the medical profession are sadists. LOL Hope you get out of that chair soon! šŸ˜€

    Hugs and Blessings…


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