Q = Quattuordecim

Naughty Post

Quattuordecim is Latin for fourteen. And this game we are going to play next month is called Quattuordecim. (You know I don’t like games much in general, but I have invented this one 🙂 closed bracket after smiley.

There are fourteen blank envelopes, all look exactly alike. Numbered from 1 until 14. Nothing else on the envelope. And in each envelope there is an assignment. That assignment is to be carried out within 14 days after the envelope was chosen. (The nice thing about this is, of course, the game can be halted for some time if real life demands immediate attention). But from the moment the envelope is chosen, the time starts to tick.

There is one “safe card” in one of the 14 envelopes. The safe card can be redeemed to avoid one assignment. The nice thing is of course she doesn’t now if the safe card is in her first envelope or the last. 
The rest of the 13 assignments are different to keep the game interesting and from mild to very harsh to our standards. And everything in between. She doesn’t know what the assignment will be, until she opens the envelope. She is a very curious woman so that is punishment in itself. 
The timing of doing the assignment is her choice. (And of course limited due to family life). But is has to be done within a fortnight. Quattuordecim. Punishment is already agreed on if she fails to fulfill the challenge in time. I am a sucker for a challenge. If we play the game without pause, it takes about a half year to finish, but I think we need a year or so. 
I am not going to tell you what the assignments are. Those are our – well ,OK.maybe more mine – fantasies. Yours will be different. But the idea is universal I think. I can spill the beans that in some of the challenges two dice are defining the number of spanks (min. 2, max 66).
I like the simplicity of the game the most. I finished all the envelopes today. 
Let the games begin.

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9 thoughts on “Q = Quattuordecim

  1. Not quite sure what you mean by 11 of 13 assignments. 10 assignments fulfilled is 100% wellness center day, 11 is one day plus beauty treatment (all these things cost extra) 12 is one day plus beauty treatment with massage and 13 is a two day trip. It is encouragement of course to do all the assignments.

    The beauty of punishment is paying your own reward in a way 😉 I'm evil.


  2. Ok, Han, … two observations.
    If she fails all “your assignments.” she can save enough money … by not using her bank card … to fund an entire week at wellness center .. lol ..

    You see, Han, I'm special cases. I do not believe in punishment.
    I believe in reward.
    If she is successful in 11 of 13 or whatever you say of “your assignment.” she got a great weekend with all inclusive.
    (Then you can figure out what she gets for 10 successful etc. ..)
    Now it will kick-start her .. lol ..

    Ok, Han, take me with a grain of salt …
    I'm on mischief mood .. lol ..


  3. Ha, ha, you guys love the pay-back-principle don't you. And so you should. No, this is our first time we do it with 13 assignments, we did it with three years before with only three assignments. It's not a bad idea though, if we like it both, to do it the other way around as well. Thank you for the suggestion.

    I have put in a lot of work to make the assignments. I have printed nice looking stationary (nontransparent in the envelope) and all handwritten.
    The “game” starts in the week of July, 1st. I think she will start with 13. Let's see.


  4. I love this, Very clever and takes lots of thought. You have to let us know as the game progresses – we don't want you to spill the beans.

    I'm new to your blog, have you played this before and does your partner have her own evelopes to give to you?


  5. Perhaps I should tell you about the Brr… as well. The punishment is in points. One point, one week turn in your bank card so you can buy nothing. Two points two weeks the bank card and so on. Now, is that Brr or a clever punishment?


  6. The reward is in points, one challenge won, one point. The thing she absolutely likes most is going to the sauna. One point is 10% of the cost a wellness center. After 10 challenges won, the extra's come in beauty treatment, massage. 13 challenges won is a two day all inclusive visit with a friend (I hate sauna's!)


  7. Of course, we want to read in more detail what tasks it involves ..

    OK, now missing, this is just one more thing ..
    What is the reward for her if she meets what she should?

    Hmm .. punishment. (. Brrr.). do you talk about, but I hope you have planned even reward ..

    Mona Lisa


  8. Not only I am looking forward to the game, the little miss is talking a lot about it too. maybe I will post the challanges that were chosen. I'll have to translate them (they are written in our mother tongue of course). I don't know if you would want to know what challenge should be done in the next 14 days. i'll think about it.


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