M = Military play

Naughty Post

I don’t like role play very much. I mean, if I wanted to be an actor, I would have gone to Hollywood, made a fortune an kiss all the pretty girls in a movie. And so I am very, very silly when I try to be something I am not. Ever seen an introverted guy act? I don’t want to tell you all the embarrassing details about the times we tried, and failed miserably. Well, I failed miserably really.This TMI that all of you would love to hear, because those are the juicy stories, I’m  keeping to myself.

The only role play that went just fine was Military play. I had this job where I had to wear a uniform. So wearing an uniform was familiar ground. It was me, you know not some joker trying to be someone he wasn’t. My wife always loved the uniform. We have this one fancy uniform she really liked. Don’t ask me why. It made me look strong and powerful 🙂 My wife is famous for her sense of humor. More sober, she felt very safe when I was wearing it, she said when I asked her about it.

So we played a prostitute being arrested and given the choice between solitary confinement or a good spanking. Or taken in for walking outside in indecent clothes (I liked that one). The “lines” came only naturally in this setting. Strange, huh? Nothing forced about these scenes.

Anyway do you like the guys in uniform like this one?

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8 thoughts on “M = Military play

  1. I really respect a man that is willing to try something he's not very good at. It showes he loves you PK. As long as it works for you both, it's OK, right?


  2. I'm not a uniform fan. Never have been for some reason. I would love to do more role playing, but it seems you and my husband must have gone to the same acting school. LOL! Bless his heart, he is really bad at it. We still roll play sometimes,but it's done by him begin quiet and I go off in my head. He doesn't seem to mind.


  3. Cara., I love your …”men out of uniform”..lol…

    Nice picture, Han. The word, like “Yummy” comes into my head. 🙂

    Sure, we women like men in uniform and the dominance they exude.
    But as a mother of boys, I have somewhat ambivalent position on uniforms. I pray every day that none of my boys will ever wear a uniform .. where I count everything from the cassock to a regular army uniform.

    Trevlig dag,
    Mona Lisa


  4. Love men in uniforms. We haven't done a whole lot of role play, my husband is not really interested. But this gives us something new to do later on


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