Maya Angelou died

Maya Angelou is no longer with us. Her real name was Margueritte Johnson. She was born in Saint Louis, Missouri on April 4 april 1928 – and died peacefully in Winston-Salem on May, 28th 2014. This beautiful woman inside and out was a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace. A teacher, a poet, an activist. An artist. And a truly wonderful human being.


10 thoughts on “Maya Angelou died

  1. I'm glad so “see” you ML. I really admired ms. Angelou for a long time and was really sad to hear that she was gone.

    This post is not part of the challenge, ML, but I felt like posting it, you know in honour of the woman. Tomorrow a regular letter L. Saturday I'll post something else again and the days after that M till R.


  2. Wow, you like Maya Angelou?
    Ok, then you get an extra “point” from me .. lol ..

    I really like Maya. How many times have I thought when I listened to her words: how can someone be so wise and so mature and so intelligent?

    There were many “brain orgasms” I've gotten just by listening to her.
    Every word she said … it was just to approve it.

    Ok. Now to something else.
    Is it possible that this is included in the letter: M?
    Ok, then you have missed the letter: L, perhaps as in: Licorice .. lol ..

    Have an nice day, Han.

    Mona Lisa


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